How We Manage

How We Manage

Work Methodology Life Yard Links Follow for ROBI CPS Project

We provide accurate and timely data entry services for a variety of industries and companies. Our highly experienced team has the capability to handle large volumes of data entry and analysis. Outsource your data management work to us and focus on your core processes.

Project Instructions for RCPS Project: Each job is divided into separate batches. Each batch of documents will have its own "Keying Specification Instruction Sheet."

Data Entry for RCPS Project: In this process, data is keyed in by two independent operators. We will use double or triple entry keying according to project specifications. The documents and forms are handled by our experienced data entry staff at 99.95% accuracy. Our software rates the operator in terms of both speed in keystrokes per hour (KPH) and accuracy.

Compare Data Fields: In this process, our software will compare all data fields from data entry A & B. Any discrepancies will be flagged and corrected by an operator. After corrections have been made, there is another level of verification by a third operator. From these two files (A & B) the software generates file C. This process creates files reaching up to 99.97% accuracy. QC for RCPS Project: Final auditing. This process including proofreading, computer based checking (software using field validation, table lookups, spell checks, consistency formulas, logic rules) and human proofreading. We have completed several large projects with accuracy of over 99.99%. This process is very suitable for a business in need of data entry with the utmost accuracy, such as: Checks/Orders processing. The Process is guaranteed at 99.99% accuracy.

QA for RCPS Project: Random check. The file (C) is audited to ensure whether the required accuracy level of 99.995% or higher is achieved. Then, 10% of the output will be checked at random. If accuracy is less than 99.995%, the entire form is rejected and returned to the compare phase.

Summary & Assessment: We have our own dedicated production team handling project summary and assessment, including: defect tracking, quality reporting and project-specific training for continuous quality improvement.

See the below work methodology diagram to understand Life Yard Link's Work Process for Completing any Major Project Like RCPS (Robi Customer Profiling System)