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Outsource Document Scanning Services to Life Yard Links

A recent performance cost study by a global consulting firm, confirmed that personnel in a company can spend over 4 hours a day looking for the information that they require. Is your organization facing a similar scenario? If your business critical information is lost in files and/ or stored on paper, there will be a direct effect on the performance and profit level of your company. Enable your organization to achieve its full potential by outsourcing document scanning to Life Yard Links.

We are one of Bangladesh’s leading providers of low cost, yet high quality document scanning services. Over the last several years, we have carved a name for our self, by providing our customers with the best scanning services, within a fast turnaround time and in a wide variety of image formats. We have been able to meet the business needs of several large organizations by using the latest scanners and skilled professionals.

Why invest in document scanning?

By converting your paper documents into image formats, your company can:

  • Preserve important information
  • Easily search for and retrieve information when needed
  • Reduce the space needed for storage
  • Easily duplicate information
  • Easily maintain, update and use information

At Life Yard Links, we are fully equipped to handle document scanning for any type of paper and conversion to any type of image format. We are proficient in both manual data entry as well as OCR/ICR scanning methods. Whether your documents are receipts, blueprints or maps, we can scan and transfer the information to a disk or get them converted into a PDF or any other format of your choice. We use high-speed document scanners, such as Flatbed which has an Automatic Document Feeder and uses CCD technology.

Our document scanning services differ from the rest

  • We can convert any type of document, be it receipts, manuals, handwritten notes, legal files, records, images and accounting sheets amongst others
  • We can render the scanned documents in any type of format, such as, TIFF, PDF or JPEG
  • We offer scanning services in color and in black & white
  • Our document scanning services include, automatic as well as manual indexing. We also offer full-text OCR indexing

Outsourcing document scanning is easy

Contrary to popular belief, sending paper documents to an offshore vendor can be simple and easy. All you have to do is ship a copy of the documents to be scanned to our address. Once the scanning process is completed, we can either directly mail the soft copy to you or place the scanned image files on our secure FTP, where you can download them. You need not have any concerns about the privacy of your documents, as your paper documents will be destroyed after the scanning process.

Guaranteed accuracy with our 3 step document scanning process

  1. Organizing the documents: When we receive your paper documents, we will meticulously arrange them in a pre-defined order to make the document scanning process fast and accurate.
  2. Scanning the documents: We use high-speed Flatbed scanners to scan your paper documents. The documents, be it of small or large size, will be monitored and adjusted according to scanning parameters, so that the best possible image is captured. If need be, we can also provide you with image only PDF formats.
  3. Re-organizing the documents: Our quality assurance team will check the quality of the scanned images by analyzing the clarity and accuracy of the scanned files. If any errors are found, the documents will be re-scanned.

Get the Life Yard Links advantage

  • At Life Yard Links, we keep your business goals in perspective and gain an in-depth understanding of your document scanning requirements. We then use our proven document conversion methods and innovative technology to come up with a custom-fit solution
  • Our customers have been able to drastically reduce their operating cost with our low cost offshore pricing model
  • Our team of experienced document scanning experts employs the latest innovations and processes to provide your company with premium quality scanned documents
  • We are one of the fastest document scanning companies in India. Our experts can convert your documents into the digital format that you require at lightning speed, so that your employees can use them as and when needed

Partner with us for document scanning and be sure to see a dramatic increase in your profits, performance, ROI and productivity.