Life Yard Links Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary Data Solution and Development Company

Life Yard Links Ltd. is a fully practiced, specialized institutional back office services provider and multi-disciplinary softwaredevelopment company located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are the most excellent supplier of outsourcing and offshore back office services including Data Entry (off-online), Data Capture, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Raw Scanning and Indexing by OCR technique, Forms Processing, Web and Internet Research.

We are devotedly working in the sector for more than eleven years and prepared to take on any project, no matter how complex or simple.  Our motto is to provide the best back offices solutions available in the market today. We always move toward every project and every client with committed attention, and we carefully analyze their demands and provide a solution which is best fit to meet client expectations and requirements in a timely, affordable manner.

We are confident that the Life Yard service portfolio and team is the best in the market. When you select a partner to help you achieve your goals, we believe you will consider our experienced, accurate services and the factors that differentiate us in the global administrative back office services market.

We are committed to not only develop customize Software or Websites but also to build an awareness of Information Technology and the use of software among the people of Bangladesh. In this country computers and internet are still seen as luxury equipments and which is out of reach and usage by most people. Most of them still have little or no idea of Information Technology. Most industries have a basic fear of automated systems and applications and avoid it for their daily work. We are trying to introduce these companies to Information Technology and the use of computers and interactive applications. We provided our software to almost two hundred different companies in old Dhaka, companies that had never used computers before and had virtually no knowledge of the great benefits in using Information Technology in daily business work. As a result of using our applications these companies soon began appreciating the enormous gains that can be achieved in efficiency through the use of computers and software.

Organization Structure

Life Yard has a well-organizedregistered Head office at House: 67/D, 2nd Floor, Green Road, Dhaka-1205, and Main workstation at House # 428, Lane 30, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka, with all modern office facilities of 10 Mbps (should be 20-30Mbps) Internet Connectivity, Intranet connectivity, fax, computers, local area network and electronic mail. We have our own facility for more than 100 workstations which can be operated for two shifts for volume Software, and Data Entry Projects.

Desktop Computer:            122 Pcs
Laptop:                11 Pcs
Data Server (HP-2TB)        1 Pcs
File Server (HP-2TB)            1 Pcs
Scanner:                43 Pcs
Barcode Reader:            11 Pcs
Portable External Hard dicks (2tb):    5 Pcs
Network Switch Board (24 Port):    5 Pcs
Network Switch Board (8 Port):    5 Pcs
Network Switch Board (5 Port):    5 Pcs
Printer:                    2 Pcs
Power Backup IPS (5 Kva):        8 Pcs
Air-condition (AC) (2ton):        5 Pcs

Human Resources is one of the core departments of any company. We believe & founded on good relation with our valued resources. The department is well organized with hierarchy, practice & policies, punctuality, leave management system, regular performance appraisal and good practice in payroll system. The key personnel in HR is maintain the work flow of the employee and engaged in regular counseling to enhance work scheduling with quality.

The Resource of Life Yard Links consists of IT Experts including Computer Engineer, System Analysts, Programmers, Network Engineers, and Hardware Support Engineers, with professional certifications such as MCSD, MCSE, and MCP& OCP. We also have Business Analysts, Accounts and Audit Specialists, Financial Analysts, Marketing Researchers, Management Professionals such as Chartered Accountants and MBAs.